For the most part grief is not a problem to be solved, not a condition to be medicated, but a deep encounter with an essential experience of being human.”

– Francis Weller

By sharing our grief and sorrows with others, we can better ‘metabolise’ the experiences and emotions. This is not about merely ‘letting go’ but rather allowing ourselves to feel the fullness of all that resides within – grief and love. And, if we are not able to access the love, that is completely ok.
Our grief circles are held in reverence for all that seeks to be witnessed. We create a safe ‘container’ where you and your grief are welcomed, witnessed and honoured.
Greif and loss is not only something we experience when someone we love dies. Right now on the planet, people are experiencing grief and loss from many different sources; we feel pain for our planet, for humanity, loss of a job or a relationship. All forms of grief are here to be witnessed and honoured.
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Grief and Love occur in tandem. 

– Joanne Cacciatore