Welcome. I am Natasha and I am a whole of life doula.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been captivated by the mysteries of life and have long held a keen awareness of this whole passage we call life – from birth to death and all that breathes between these spaces.  Death, although painful and agonizing is also such a profoundly sacred and beautiful part of being a human.

“The opposite of death is birth and life cradles them both”

– Haruki Murakami



Death is generally not a favorite dinner party topic. It’s a conversation that’s largely avoided both publicly but also privately with our own selves.

We don’t talk about death nor do many of us want to think about it. Some might say we in the west are ‘death phobic’.  And yet, death and dying are inevitable for every single one of us.

The terms death doula, death midwife or end of life doula may sound like something new, but caring for our dying is a role that humans have done for as long as we have been on earth.

In my life, before becoming an end of life doula I occupied a diverse spectrum of roles but have always sensed I would one day work in the death field, I just wasn’t sure in which capacity.

After some research into funeral direction, I soon knew my desire did not reside there. The business side of death didn’t resonate with me as didn’t the corporate funeral industry. It was some years later that I learnt of ‘death doula’ training.

Our modern world has ‘medicalised’ death just as we have birth. Both are natural parts of life that once were held by community not ‘professionals’ – roles once held by the ‘women of the village’.

Through serendipity I came in contact with Denise Love and her death doula training. And that’s when everything clicked for me. Denise is incredibly solid and skilled and has given me a grounded and respectful approach to this work. I realised how necessary it was for a dying person to have the option of a death doula, as well as for the family of that person, and I knew that I had the capacity to stand in that space.

One of the most fulfilling parts of my role is supporting people to reclaim death from professionals. Much of our anxiety around death comes from the stigma and fear of the unknowns.

My wish is for death and dying to become ‘visible’ again, to alleviate the fears we have so we might claim back our power, minimize the unnecessary excess money spent on death and take responsibility for ours and our loved ones death – as we once did.  As a doula, I walk beside you on this path.

My wish is for death and dying to become ‘visible’ again.

Much of the skills and training from my previous roles have carried over into my current role.

I have 15 years’ experience coordinating the support needs of youth and adults with physical disabilities and managing direct care teams.

I have owned and operated my own hospitality business, organised and ran community events and helped communities to build their spaces.

I’ve worked in a funeral home and mortuary, have mentored women in business, as well as facilitating group healing circles, and holding intuitive space for many people for their personal relationships and grief.

However I think my greatest skill is my ability to authentically connect and be present with what is. I hold the dying as I do the living with reverence, presence and love.

Since working as an end of life doula, I have been humbled over and over again. We each have a story. To walk beside you in your last chapter is a privilege and an honour, one that I take with deep respect of your individuality and uniqueness of being.

This work is important to me as everyone deserves to be seen at the end of their life.  


Natasha came into my world right when I needed her. She became a wise voice in my home. 

She supported us through the last two years of grief and challenge, in lockdown and postpartum.

I count on her wisdom and guidance through the complexities of today’s spiritual and political climate.
She has a way of taking me to my inner knowing.

A guiding light and friend that needs to be shared with the world.

– Nicole

Natasha held the space for our family in grief during many months.

She has an incredible talent in bringing joy and relief to the most difficult moments
whilst maintaining neutrality and discretion.

She is a highly skilled and trustworthy professional. I cannot recommend her enough.

Her empathy and compassion together with a wealth of relevant
practical knowledge and qualifications allows her a toolbox
unmatched by any other in her industry. 

N. Boehm

We lucked upon meeting Natasha when searching for carers for our mum’s home care.
Natasha is gentle, thoughtful and respectful.

She went out of her way to slowly and authentically connect with mum.
Enriching, enquiring about and remembering her life.
She prepared beautiful food, loved to keep mum engaged
with craft activities and outings in the garden. 

– Jenny

What really stood out for me was not only Natasha’s care for mother,
but her love and support for the whole family throughout mum’s final days.

She walked that difficult road beside us and supported us in a way that was
so unobtrusive but so crucial to our wellbeing and acceptance.

Natasha grounded and strengthened us when we needed it, but was also very intuitive to giving us space.
She never judged, never pushed, just listened and was there for us day and night.
She guided us in the final days to accept the inevitable and not be afraid of what was come.
We felt empowered and encouraged by Natasha – we will be forever grateful. 

– Kim